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What JRNY does

The insurance landscape now
Insurance can be confusing to buy
and costly to sell.

The world is also $1.2 trillion underinsured!
The insurance landscape: It’s a spaghetti nightmare

Customer experience

Insurance can be confusing to understand and manual to purchase. Customers also expect 24/7, digital service.


Reliance on call centres is costly for insurers; while for agents, screening leads is often time consuming.


Complying with a demanding regulatory landscape is frequently manual and time consuming.
The future with JRNY
A more efficient and effective distribution network
When insurers partner with JRNY, they can improve customer experience, sales efficiency and compliance at a fraction of the cost and time required to attempt the same internally. 

The result is that we can together help more people have the right cover at the right time, and reduce the protection gap.
JRNY’s digital insurance agent distributes policies more efficiently while providing a better digital customer experience.
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start the JRNY?