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Ep1: #Great Chat with Craig Kirk, CEO of Delta Insurance Group

In our first episode we chat with Craig Kirk, CEO and co-founder of Delta Insurance about starting Delta, dynamic pricing, future growth products for Delta and much more.
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Ep2: Compliance with Minter Ellison

In episode 2 of JRNY's Insurance 2.0 series, Claude sits down with lawyers Maria and Andrew from Minter Ellison to discuss the practical implications for New Zealand insurers of the recent FMA/RBNZ report into the conduct and culture of life insurers in New Zealand.
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Ep3: InsurTech Trends with Jason Roberts

We catch up with Jason Roberts to better understand the latest trends in the NZ InsurTech ecosystem
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Ep4: Customer Experience with Accuro Health Insurance

In episode 4 of our INSURANCE 2.0 series, we catch up with Fiona Mackenzie, Brand Manager, and Anna Savage, Product Manager, at Accuro Health Insurance to discuss the future of the digital customer experience in the insurance industry.
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Ep5: NZ's First Digital Insurer - Cove

In our latest episode of Insurance 2.0, we catch up with the co-founder of NZ's first digital insurance company - Cove. We discuss starting Cove, limitations that traditional insurers experience, the biggest opportunities for insurtech right now, and more.
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Ep6: Talking Data with Dr Ratneesh Suri, Head of Analytics & AI @ IAG

In this episode of Insurance 2.0, we catch up with Dr Ratneesh Suri, Head of Analytics and AI at IAG. We hear her opinion on whether humans will ever be replaced, wise words on data and ethics and much much more.
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Ep7: Barriers to Partnership with Rita Yates, CEO of InsurTech Australia

In our latest episode of the Insurance 2.0 series, we have our first guest from over the ditch - Rita Yates, CEO of InsurTech Australia. We discuss barriers to insurtech and insurer partnership and ways to overcome such barriers.
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Ep8: Talking Compliance, Customer Outcomes and Collaboration with Larissa Vaughan, CEO of Kiwi Insurance

JRNY CEO, Michael Lovegrove, sits down with Larissa Vaughan, the CEO of Kiwi Insurance to talk about compliance, customer outcomes and insurtech today.
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E9: Discussing a New World for Insurers, with Montoux

JRNY CEO Michael Lovegrove catches up with Matt Ralph who is Montoux's Customer Success Director and the former Head of Pricing & Underwriting at AMP Life Australia. Together they dive into the nitty gritty of what COVID-19 means for insurers in terms of digital innovation, how Business Continuity Plans should be reviewed to incorporate digital, and how procurement processes can be optimised for more efficient innovation in the light of COVID-19.
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