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Segment 1: My 16 Years as an Insurance CEO

In this first segment of our interview with Glenn we discuss working his way up to CEO, as well as creating a healthy company culture while still pushing an innovative agenda.
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Segment 2: Robots - Is Insurance Evolving, Revolting or Going Nowhere?

Glenn is responsible for Progressive becoming one of the first American insurers to go direct to consumer and being the first to give consumers the ability to buy auto insurance in real time online!
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Segment 3: Innovation & Insurance: How to Break the Status Quo

In this third segment of our interview with Glenn Renwick we talk about using data principles and technology to test new products, pricing, and improve transparency.
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Segment 4: Killing Industry Cliches (or not)

In this fourth segment of our interview with Glenn Renwick we press him for his brutally honest opinions on some industry cliches.
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Segment 5: Going full circle - growing fintechs & mental

In this segment we chat about what he's learned from dealing with smaller companies, how that has transferred to big corporates, mental health and his goals for the future.
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