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Customer-centric Tourism

Streamline the customer journey for your tourism company with our artificially intelligent chatbot and conversation tools.

Whether you’re a regional tourism body or tourism operator, JRNY’s platform will filter throughout your entire customer journey.


The Customer JRNY

The Journey
Attract and Onboard customers with JRNY
JRNY helps retain customers
Attract more customers with destination location and descriptions.
Onboard more customers with bookings and payments within the conversation.
Retain customers with useful services like feedback or sharing experiences with friends.

The Process - How We Roll

1. Workshop with JRNY
2. Determine scope & customer journeys we can help with
3. Implementation
4. Go-Town
Workshop with JRNY
Workshop with JRNY
Define goals & details of your customer journey 
Determine scope & customer journeys we can help with
Implementation with your current systems & processes
Conversation & platform goes live!

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