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JRNY Dashboard

The JRNY Dashboard is your conversation control tower. Manage conversations with your leads and understand them on a whole new level.

From the JRNY Dashboard you can manage your digital assistant, send messages and analyse analytics data.

JRNY Dashboard Analytics page

Features and Benefits

Get detailed insight about your leads and customers

Detailed Analytics

Track metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost and Return on Investment*
See conversation data, including number of conversations and conversations diverted to a human
User analytics including location and demographic*
Check the performance of Broadcast messages
* being developed
Take over the conversation to handle more complex tasks

Human Handover

Manage conversations passed on to a human within the dashboard
Staff can see lead profiling* and conversation history
Staff can pick up conversations where they left off
Staff empowered to resolve more complex issues
* being developed
Combine our Digital Assistants, the Dashboard and Integrations, and the JRNY platform is pretty darn powerful!