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Conversation engines

Leads interact with conversation engines through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, and through your website.  

Our conversation engines are tailored to particular customer journeys and are powered by JRNY technology to deliver highly personalised responses automatically.

JRNY chatbot conversation on mobile

Conversation engines

Convert more leads to customers

Lead capture engine

Do your leads fill out forms on your website?

Replace or supplement website contact forms
Schedule meetings
Request a call back
Subscribe to email newsletters
Answer leads instantly

FAQ engine

Do your leads frequently ask the same questions?

Give quick and accurate responses to frequently asked questions
FAQ engine updated and learns over time
Staff freed up to better deal with complex issues
Give leads quotes quickly

Quotation engine

Do your leads ever ask for a quote or price estimate?

Faster quoting
Process within messaging app or on your website
Collect detailed user information for more accurate quoting
Manage customer accounts within conversations

Account management engine

Do your customers ask for account balances or updates?

Check account balances
Check ticket or claim statuses
Inform customers about service outages
Receive statements and invoices
Compare products and services within the conversation

Product comparison engine

Do your leads browse through your products or services?

Compare products using carousels
Receive instant answers to product queries
Showcase similar products or services
Easier up-selling and cross-selling
Accept payments inside the conversation

Payments engine

Can your leads make purchases on your website easily?

Make purchases from the conversation with integrations
Take secure payments and send receipts
Send remarking messages with tailored product recommendations

Fully customised enterprise solutions

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Industry specific solutions

Select all the conversation engines that are relevant to your industry and business.
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