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Conversation design

When setting up your Conversation Tools, we include our Conversation Design service. This means we write and design your digital assistant's responses to ensure that it delivers the best possible outcomes for your leads and customers.

JRNY's conversation design

What Is the JRNY Conversation Design Service?

When you work with us on your AI journey, we won’t sell you an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution and leave you to it. We will work with your team to ensure that your assistant says the right thing at the right time.
Our JRNY technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to do most of the work, but our Conversation Design service is really the cherry on top. We listen to your company goals, your business model and your customer personas so that our conversational experts can write the conversation and design the flow to ensure you get the best results - more meaningful interactions with each lead and customer.
We won’t continue with building and implementing your digital assistant until you’re completely happy with the Conversation Design.

Why Is Good Conversation Design so Important?

We do all this for these three main reasons:
A poor conversation design produces poor results

If a conversation is designed poorly, your customer will have an extremely bad experience

JRNY saves you and your customers time

To save you the time and effort of programming your assistant with every single response

JRNY are the conversation experts

We’re the experts, this is our jam. We have lots of experience & keep up with best practice

We believe our Conversation Design service combined with our Conversation Tools can deliver the best possible outcomes for you when adopting the automated messaging channel to your sales, marketing and service strategies.
Learn more about our Conversation Tools or where Conversation Design sits in the build process: