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Everything you need for a full customer journey.

JRNY's lead generation and customer engagement tool scales to millions of users and is ready to sell, support, delight, and most importantly - serve every one of your customers personally and efficiently.

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The JRNY platform is fuelled with the power of what we like to call ‘emotionally intelligent conversation’.

This enables your company to have highly relevant interactions with each and every lead or customer, while also benefiting from the efficiency of automated conversation.

The Customer JRNY

Emotionally intelligent conversation superpowers our platform’s features to help you streamline each stage of the customer journey like never before.

JRNY Chatbot on Desktop Website

Automated chat

Artificially intelligent messaging via your website and messaging apps
Highly personalised responses
Contactable 24/7, 365 days a year
Generate and qualify leads
Serve virtually any number of users at the same time, instantly
Deliver rich content like video, images or carousels

Divert to a human

Conversation engine hands over detailed tickets
Staff empowered to resolve more complex issues
Reach customers who may prefer to talk to a human
Chatbot Conversation Speak to Human
Schedule a JRNY Broadcast Message

Marketing tools

Send targeted messages with segmented audiences and scheduling
Reach potential customers on social media and messaging apps
Increase brand awareness and deliver consistent tone of voice
Nurture and convert leads

Detailed analytics

Track Customer Acquisition Cost and Return on Investment
Engagement and Click Rates
Number of conversations
Percentage of conversations diverted to a human
Audience location and demographics
Broadcast performance
JRNY Dashboard Detailed Analytics


Conversational Design

Our experts can assist with designing appropriate conversation flow and direction for a better customer experience

Personalised Implementation Service 

Set up your automated conversation engine and integrate with your business

Integrate With Your Favs

Slack, CRM, Salesforce, HubSpot - JRNY integrates with all your favourite apps.

We have experience across many verticals but in particular insurance, utilities and tourism. We understand that many of our clients have industry specific requirements, so we can configure our platform to create additional custom features like bespoke analytics, notification settings, and integration with all your favourite apps.

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