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JRNY Product

With the JRNY Distribution Platform, you will have access to three JRNY products: JRNY Chat, JRNY Integrations and the JRNY Business Intelligence Dashboard - all of which are powered by the JRNY Engine.


The white labelled conversational interface that interacts with your customers
JRNY Chat supports text, voice and digital human technologies and lives within your website, app or social messaging platforms

JRNY Integrations

Make sure the platform fits like a glove
JRNY Integrations allow for information flows with legacy systems, underwriter software, payment portals and CRM systems

JRNY Business Intelligence Dashboard

Your conversation control tower
With the Dashboard you can gain deep insights from conversation data and content, manage human interactions, and export records to assist with compliance obligations

JRNY Engine

The JRNY juice
The Engine’s technology is what’s working in the background to power the Platform's intelligence
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