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Conversation Tools

With JRNY on your side, you'll have three tools in your lead conversion arsenal: a Digital Assistant, the JRNY Dashboard and Integrations.

What are Conversation Tools?

With these tools you'll be able to harness the power of artificially intelligent conversation to convert more leads through messaging apps and your website.

Find out more about our tools below:

Why JRNY digital assistants?

The JRNY intelligence is what sits behind and fuels our conversation tools. The technology elevates automated conversation to a whole new level of personalisation and efficiency.

Instead of giving every user the same response like many out-of-the-box chatbot products, each of our digital assistants allow you to give personalised, tailored responses to leads, instantly. That can result in some pretty awesome outcomes...

Not to mention we can configure our solution to suit your company and optimise your return on your investment.

Convert more leads

Convert more leads

Highly personalised and instant responses capture leads in the moment they're most interested
Deliver rich content like video, images or carousels for better engagement
Reach more people through popular messaging apps
Direct digital advertising to your assistant to increase conversion rates
Create a better customer experience

A better customer experience

Personalised responses make the user feel valued
Address the user by their first name from the very first interaction
JRNY chat digital assistants remembers where the conversation left off as well as user preferences
Improve Net Promoter Score and Customer Retention
Convert more leads more efficiently


Your business will be contactable 24/7, 365 days a year
Serve virtually any number of users at the same time, instantly
Convert leads automatically
You'll have onboarded a virtual assistant that's instantly scalable, reducing Customer Acquisition Cost
Free up staff to better deal with complex issues and focus on customer retention

Conversation Design Service

Included in our Conversation Tools is our Conversation Design service, saving you a huge amount of time and effort.

This means that once you've chosen the digital assistant that suits your business, our experts will write the copy and design the conversation flow to determine how your assistant will interact with your leads and what it will say to them. We won't continue with building and implementing your engines until you're completely happy with the Conversation Design.

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