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JRNY Product

Our Insurance Customer Journey Platform has three layers: JRNY Insurance Modules are the front-end interface that your customer experiences and are powered by our IP inside the JRNY Platform. We then make sure it fits your organisational systems like a glove with JRNY Integrations.

JRNY Insurance Modules

The white-labelled conversational interface that your customer interacts with on your website or app.
Our modules have been designed for life, health, home & contents, business and car insurance customer journeys. Click here to see specific use cases.

JRNY Platform

The engine room is where the smarts live, including the insights and analytics hub.
Under the hood are our dynamic conversations, smart recommendations and deep insights.  All data is secure so personally identifiable information is perfectly safe.

JRNY Integrations

Because every company is unique.
To ensure our solution fits like a glove, any specific IP and unique customisations or integrations are separated into their own client configuration module outside of the standard configuration, including API access and configuration.
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