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In episode 3 of our INSURANCE 2.0 series, our Head of Business Development, Claude, catches up with Jason Roberts who is Chair of InsurTechNZ and the Strategy & Innovation Lead at Augen Software Group to discuss trends in the NZ InsurTech ecosystem.

What do you do at InsurTech NZ & Augen Software? (0:18)

It's about bringing ideas to life, innovative thinking creates opportunity. That's my role at Augen - to bring innovation to life. We have the privilege of working within the NZ tech sector to be in a number of leadership roles and have our finger on the pulse. My other day job is InsurTech NZ and that's also exploded with opportunity. The appetite is really strong at the moment particularly for InsurTechs to start working with expanding marketplace and international markets. And also for insurers who are starting to do this for mutual benefit.

What were the trends that came out of the Ernst & Young Report into InsurTech trends? (1:24)

There's a need for customer experience to be at the fore which has been captured by the Haines Report and FMA/RBNZ recommendations. The InsurTech sector is emerging at pace. InsurTech is leveraging technology to leverage opportunity. And collaboration is key for the benefit of InsurTechs, early stage companies and insurance companies part of that ecosystem.

Do you think insurer's appetite for technology is changing ?  (2:18)

Insurance companies have always innovated, but there are different forces there and reasons to innovate. At the moment, we have technology providing a great opportunity for innovation so it's coming from the tech sector for the benefit of the insurance industry. That's why collaboration is so key - there's this opportunity to leverage each other's skills and scalability.

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