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Let Us Be Your Guinea Pig: Why We Decided to Rebrand and Tips From the Process

Let Us Be Your Guinea Pig: Why We Decided to Rebrand and Tips From the Process

April 9, 2018

This article was originally posted on the Bot the Builder blog before being migrated here. Content may differ from original post.

We have already revealed what our brand is transitioning to, but we have not explained why, nor have we spoken about what is required to make this move. Young companies/startups often underestimate the power of a succinct brand. In this article I hope to not only explain our reasoning behind changing to JRNY, but also uncover how you can further develop and align your own brand identity.


Why we are transitioning to JRNY

1. “JRNY” is relevant to a journey and a destination

As a business we fundamentally enhance the customer journey. The customer journey is never a straight line, so delivering a flexible tool which provides the right information and interaction depending on the stage that a consumer is at, is an essential criteria to success.  For our customers, this translates to a reduced cost of acquisition and a reduced cost to serve. For the end consumer, they feel more satisfied with the service, hence NPS and retention increase. For us, a brand that represents the journey and these outcomes (the destination) was an essential requirement.

2. A Timeless Vision

The technology that we use will naturally change over time to ensure we continue to solve our customer’s problems as they evolve. By making sure our brand leads with the outcome - rather than the current technology producing that outcome - our brand will become a timeless proposition.

3. Aligning Internal Strategies

Not only will the JRNY brand allow our current and potential customers to view us as the company that produces efficient customer journeys, but internally the team will be more likely to view improvements objectively, aligning to a particular outcome, rather than a technology stack. This is essential to long term business success.


Take the time, consistency is key

This transition is not something that happens overnight. We started to explore this over six months ago, and we’re a young company! Why take the time you might ask?

1. Consistency with company values

We took the time to ensure the new brand aligned with our vision and values which are at the core of the company and everything it does. Alignment with company values is crucial to ensure the brand genuinely reflects the business and is positively adopted by internal and external stakeholders.

2. Content consistency

From the website to individual blog posts to PR columns: a consistent voice makes our message clear and easy to digest for our audience, and it also makes developing the content easier for us! Win win!

3. Communication consistency

If every team member understands the brand at a fundamental level, then they’re able to epitomize the brand when they interact with stakeholders and customers alike.

From a business standpoint, consistency across both content and communication will reduce the cost of acquisition because a customer already understands who they’re talking to and why. Plus, you will build loyalty with your customer if they feel like they ‘know’ your company. You can imagine what this does for retention.


But, where to start!?

So, where does one start when/if they want to create a new brand or innovate an existing one?

There’s a number of ways to skin a cat, but in this case, here’s what has worked for us:

First and foremost, we had to define the following:

1. What is the fundamental problem that we’re solving?

Becoming obsessed with the problem is obvious, but actually defining what that is, is a great way to start.

2. Mission statement related in some way to the problem

Understanding the problem, how you want to solve it and the values you want to upload while you solve it are all addressable points within the mission statement. Your mission statement may be multiple sentences in length and that is fine - the objective is to have something in writing so your wider team can align to it.

3. The persona of the likely customer

Who is the person that your solution/product is for? How do you want them to feel when they interact with your brand/company?

4. Crafting the voice

Here’s the fun part! Think of your brand as a person and give them a personality!

  • What adjectives describe this person?
  • At a bar, what would they order?
  • At a coffee shop what coffee would they order?
  • What music do they listen to?
  • What magazine would the read?
  • What clothing do they wear?
  • What do they cook?
  • How social are they?

From here you will have a pretty clear picture of your brand's personality, which the tone of voice can be directly derived from.

5. Create a Tagline

Lastly, develop the tagline that will make your brand further recognisable.


This process is a tonne of fun, and will set you up for years of consistent messaging, collateral and content. Regardless of the stage your business is at, delivering a consistent brand is pivotal to your success, so I hope that the above was helpful in some way.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions you might have about the process!


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