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This week JRNY launched a new video interview series - Insurance 2.0 - The Future is Now. The series will have us meet with key leaders in the industry to chat about how the future of insurance is now. We'll speak about what insurers/brokers are doing digitally today, trends and of course, insurance.

In episode 1, our Head of Business Development, Claude, met with Craig Kirk, CEO and co-founder of Delta Insurance Group. Craig has over 19 years of experience in the industry both in New Zealand and globally. We enjoyed catching up with Craig to hear about juggling three daughters, adventure sports and starting Delta. We also speak about whether dynamic pricing is possible in the insurance industry, 'build-your-own' style policies and future growth products for Delta.

To catch the full episode just click below, or head on over to the JRNY YouTube channel and subscribe.

Our next episode will feature Maria Collett-Bevan, Senior Associate at Minter Ellison and specialist in financial services. She's an expert on the recent report from the RBNZ and FMA into the conduct and culture of life insurers, and will be providing her insight into what regulation changes we can expect, and when insurers and brokers should be making changes. Keep an eye out for this episode coming out soon!

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