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Introducing: Bot the Builder

Introducing: Bot the Builder

June 26, 2017

This article was originally posted on the Bot the Builder blog before being migrated here. Content may differ from original post.

Almost exactly 12 months ago to the day, the concept of Bot the Builder was formed.

An idea, that was built around the belief that while currently marketing techniques ‘worked’ they did not inspire a relationship between the companies and consumers. Coupled to this, was the belief that customer service and marketing was almost one in the same, or at least it had the potential to be…

Imagine this, if companies could actively reached out to you in a personal manner, engage in a conversation with you, and served your needs, then your relationship with said company would be greatly improved, right?

If said company also served you with contextual information relevant to you, to what you had told them in the past and what you may be wanting in the future, then this would not only improve this relationship, but it would humanise the relationship.

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So, why then, have we not seen any companies invest in trying to do this?

We all know that a returning, satisfied customer is significantly more profitable than gaining a new customer, so what’s the issue?


With current technology, the above suggestion requires customer service reps, account managers, marketers etc all working together to serve just ONE customer. Economically, this is not feasible. An inability to provide such support has lead to the current marketing model of ‘We will send heaps of information to heaps of people and hope that they like it and engage with us…’

Well, now we can offer an alternative: Introducing Bot the Builder!

The platform that allows you to connect with your consumers through conversation.

Now you CAN handle thousands of messages from different people at the same time. Now you CAN respond to these messages. Now you CAN understand and serve your customer instantaneously.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, we are committed to bringing you the best platform that can enhance the way your company communicates with your audience.

For further details, follow our blog for the latest updates on our technology and how we are helping companies transform their offerings.

Alternatively, visit our website, or drop me a message at

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