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Everyone CANNOT code. Programming just simply isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. For starters, it looks strange and is virtually a whole different language. It’s also super fragile and requires a LOT of patience - a single misplaced semicolon can prevent a whole project from working. Why would you want to put yourself through the stress, right?

Hi, I’m Mathew. Also known as Sir Codes-a-Lot here at JRNY.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with programming, web development and computing in general.

Starting in primary school using basic site editors, I worked my way up to creating whole websites and automated computer programmes. The possibilities were virtually endless, and with this great power comes great responsibility.

Although, responsibility didn’t factor so much when I was younger and wanted to mess around with my mates, which admittedly would land me in some trouble. One such time was when I created a script which would trigger the CD drive to open and close whenever you click your mouse, spin the screen orientation at random, and various other random features. Although this was fun to do at the time, I now focus on more productive projects….most of the time 😉

Starting to code has allowed me to take part in some awesome, life-changing experiences, such as being a Lab Tech for Lightning Lab’s Kiwibank Fintech Accelerator which introduced me to the team here at JRNY.

As a Software Engineer here at JRNY, I work alongside Ben and Adam in creating the JRNY products and services. I also inevitably take the charge on anything to be done on the back end of our website. I end up wearing many hats but love the variety of projects I can now work on by writing code.

If you’re interested in joining the JRNY journey, check out our job vacancies here.

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