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You’ve probably heard of customer persona mapping before, so I’m going to jump straight into it.

If you can’t be bothered with reading today, just scroll on straight to the bottom of this blog and you’ll find a link to our persona mapping template. Otherwise, read on my friend.

Being customer obsessed is crucial. Adopting a customer-centric attitude can help your company avoid situations like this:

The first step in customer love is knowing your customers - and what better way to do that than by mapping your customer personas.

We recommend mapping out your top 3-5 personas. The aim is not to define every one of your customers, but to personify clusters of target customers.

Forget about the journey and sales funnel. Heck, forget about your company’s goals just for a minute.

The persona exercise is all about understanding what motivates your customers – their demographic, what their needs are, their hesitations, and concerns - their WHY.

To find out information about who your customers are and what their pain points are, we recommend using Google Analytics’ demographics & interests sections (although always take the results with a grain of salt). Customer feedback surveys are a great way to find out their queries, feelings and motivations. Talking to your customer facing staff will also help paint the picture.

Here’s an example persona - meet Sally and Dave…

Sally and Dave are a middle class couple in their 40s, living in the suburbs with two teenage children. Now that the kids are older, they need a larger home. They’ve owned their current home for 15 years, but the kids are growing up and they need more space. They don’t have a particular real estate agent they know and use, nor do they have experience in property. They want to know how much they can sell their current home for, and also find a new home within their budget. The local real estate company wants Sally and Dave to get in contact with them, so that they can show them how to add value to their current home and find a new home within their budget.

If you can give even more detail about your personas, even better. You might want to include details like a quote of what that persona would likely say, what motivates them and frustrates them!

To give you a helping hand, we’ve developed our own JRNY Customer Persona Template that you can easily download HERE and fill out for each of your personas. (You’re welcome!)

Once you’ve completed the exercise, your personas will help fuel your marketing campaigns, sales strategies, product development - even how you structure your teams.

Go forth, and may the JRNY persona template plant the seed of your lifelong customer obsession.

Wondering about your next steps? We recommend completing the customer journey mapping exercise! You can find templates HERE and a super helpful webinar explaining how to map your customer journeys HERE.

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