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Become a Disruptor In Your Industry - How AI Assisted Customer Service and Machine Learning Can Keep Your Business Ahead of the Game

Become a Disruptor In Your Industry - How AI Assisted Customer Service and Machine Learning Can Keep Your Business Ahead of the Game

March 28, 2018

This article was originally posted on the Bot the Builder blog before being migrated here. Content may differ from original post.

By 2020, it’s predicted that chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions (Gartner). 34% of business executives find that they have more time for creative and deeper thinking with more free time as a result of using digital assistants (PwC).

Now that’s data you can’t ignore!

AI-powered conversation engines are available 24/7 to help your customers in a cost and time efficient way.  At a basic level, chatbots use predefined rules in a decision tree to capture, understand and resolve customer queries. At the next level, artificial intelligence and machine learning will enable your automated conversation engine to learn from customer interactions and refer more difficult issues to a human customer service representative or agent.

It’s fair to say automated messenger engines aren’t going anywhere, but even so, the landscape is constantly evolving. Here’s how your organisation can harness the power of AI technology and machine learning to keep ahead in your industry.

Meet your customers where they already are

Your “bot” can integrate with your website and messenger apps. With over 5 billion monthly active users on messaging apps (HubSpot), it’s a timely resource to tap into channels where your customers already are!

First mover advantage

If your competitors haven’t capitalised on automated messenger chat, or have but haven’t done it well, this could be a great chance to gain the first-mover advantage. It can be worth the cost of investing in research and development to be seen as a leader in your industry.

Happier & more loyal customers

Quicker responses from your automated chat machine will ensure customers get their answer or fix faster. If their issue becomes more complex, customers can always escalate their issue to a human agent whose time is freed up to better deal with complex issues while your conversation engine deals with other queries.

With machine learning your conversation engine will only get better with time, offering more personalised and accurate responses. This is a chance not just to give customers what they want faster, but to build customer loyalty too!

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Increase your sales capacity while keeping staff happy

AI-enabled chatbots can replace front-line support by resolving basic queries. This gives your support staff greater time to focus on customers with more complex problems. Staff focusing on key personal and complex interactions can increase staff morale as well - the use of technology can help them do their job better while streamlining your company’s overall operations.

Increased efficiency for a lower price

Bots don’t require a salary so your increased sales capacity will come at a mucher higher ROI.

Adapt to your industry

Adapt AI technologies and design your bot to tackle specific pain points in your customer’s journey, for example, onboarding new customers, payment and billing, FAQs, new accounts, account questions, policy claims etc.


A good automated conversation platform will deliver detailed insights on a user friendly interface. This additional data will become an invaluable tool to fuel your investments, and sales and marketing strategies giving you a handy ‘leg up’ in the industry.


Give your marketing the competitive advantage with an AI chat engine. Here are a couple of marketing perks you’ll enjoy (just to list a few):

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