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5 Ways Automated Conversation Can Revolutionise the Insurance Industry

5 Ways Automated Conversation Can Revolutionise the Insurance Industry

April 19, 2018

This article was originally posted on the Bot the Builder blog before being migrated here. Content may differ from original post.

The development of automated conversation chatbot engines has the capability of revolutionising the insurance industry. But how may you ask?

By opening the lid on a platform that has over 1 billion users, that’s how! Insurance companies can now serve customers and claims straight through messenger apps.

Here are some customer journeys in particular that an AI conversation engine can improve:

Policy Questions

A bot can quickly and easily help customers find answers to their policy questions in natural english, rather than them having to read their policy or go to the effort of calling someone.

Not only is this easier for your organisation internally, but a much easier and faster experience for your customers.

Filing a Claim

As an automated conversation engine is available 24/7, customers can file a claim at any time - they’re not confined to a normal working day.

Integrating with your internal systems, customers can also check the status of their claim straight from their mobile phones.

Agent Assistance

Think of a bot as one employee that doesn’t require a salary and can assist all your agents simultaneously and instantly. This new “employee” can service more customers, faster and personally using machine learning and AI, freeing up your agents to deal with more complex issues. 

Customer Service

Whether it’s frequently asked questions, incidents or disputes - an automated conversation engine can create incidents and track issues.

If the task is too complex for the bot or the customer diverts to a human, the bot can assign an employee to continue with the incident.

Sales / Policy Suggestions

When a customer chats with your bot, the bot can understand their requirements by asking a series of relevant questions. Appropriate policies for that customer can be suggested and customers then easily on-boarded. The bot is not just a customer service tool making your internal processes more efficient; it’s also a sales tool that can generate more revenue!

Bot the Builder (soon to be has a focus on developing AI chatbot solutions in insurance verticals. If you would like to learn more or request a demo, please contact us.


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