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Customer-centric Insurance

Acquire and retain more customers for your insurance company with AI assisted conversation tools.

We customise and integrate the JRNY platform with the internal systems of your insurance company. From there, we roll out some snazzy customer experiences that harness the power of artificial intelligence and insurance chatbots to deliver better customer experiences, more efficiently.


Insurance Pain Points - How JRNY Helps

  • Quoting and underwriting

    Quoting with JRNY has never been easier. Gain more information, faster through the insurance bot. Instantly deliver a quote or collect their contact details for further liaison with a human.

    The insurance underwriting process is also more informed where the platform can help you gain detailed insights on the user based on their profile and conversation history.

  • Selecting the right policy

    Don’t make customers troll through your website or wait on the phone to compare your policies. With JRNY, users can ask product questions in natural language through your website or messaging apps and get instant responses.

  • Resolving customer service/claims issues efficiently

    Solve issues efficiently with instant responses, 24/7, 365 days a year.

    JRNY automated conversation for insurance can free up humans to deal more effectively with complex cases. The conversation can be handed over to a human with a detailed ticket to save time.

  • Perception that digitalisation won’t gain customer trust

    Tailored responses based on lead profiling and conversation interactions build rapport. Detailed analytics enable further personalisation.

    When a user interacts with the conversation engine again, the engine remembers where the conversation they left off, avoiding frustration and helping the user feel valued.

  • Insurance industry incumbents offering self-service options

    Compete with digital incumbents by offering service through instant solutions on your website or messaging apps.

  • Perception that digital innovation is costly and disruptive.

    With InsurTech developments, there’s no need to completely change your model or incur experience huge costs and internal upheaval associated with internal development. When your insurance company partners with a specialist like JRNY, you receive an instantly scalable product that offers an integration service.

  • High Customer Acquisition Costs

    JRNY’s scalable solution allows you to acquire and onboard more customers, more efficiently, by serving virtually an infinite number of users, instantly, and through channels which have over 5 billion monthly users.

  • High customer churn rates

    By meeting customer expectation for instant and self service, you can improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

  • Prompt payment of premiums

    Send reminders through messaging apps where open rates are much higher than email - as high as 80%!

The Process - How We Roll

1. Workshop with JRNY
2. Determine scope & customer journeys we can help with
3. Implementation
4. Go-Town
Workshop with JRNY
Workshop with JRNY
Define goals & details of your customer journey 
Determine scope & customer journeys we can help with
Implementation with your current systems & processes
Conversation & platform goes live!

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