Download our two Customer Journey Mapping templates to start improving your customer experience. 

What is Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is an exercise that maps out your customer’s experience with your company. It’s unique for your company, and also for each customer persona you have.

The main aim of customer journey mapping is to get an holistic view of what the customer experiences, from their point of view and at a personal level. From there, you can optimise the customer experience and your internal efficiencies. 

The outcomes of optimising the customer experience can be huge - improving your customer satisfaction or Net Promoter Score, increasing retention and reducing Customer Acquisition Costs, just to name a few. 

Cool, but how?

When you fill out the form below, you'll be linked to two editable .pdf templates. Download these and start completing the 'Journey Stages Template' first to understand the different stages of your sales funnel or customer journey. Then, move onto the second template and fill out the table for each stage of the journey, for each of your customer personas.

You can also check out our Customer Journey Mapping Webinar to get the full lowdown.

(If you haven't already done a customer persona exercise, you can find our how to map your customer personas here. We suggest doing this before completing the Customer Journey Mapping exercise.)


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