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Better customer experiences

Deliver better customer experiences with JRNY's AI-powered digital assistants. Interact with leads instantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through messaging apps and your website.

JRNY chatbot on mobile and desktop using the Facebook Messenger platform

Digital assistants & customer experience

A new era of artificial intelligence has enabled chatbots to elevate to sophisticated, conversational sales tools - aka "digital assistants". By integrating a JRNY digital assistant with your website and messaging, you can streamline the customer experience.

Your business can now perform key milestones in your customer's journey, like getting a quote, comparing products, answering FAQs and making purchases, all with natural conversational language. 

By delivering a better customer experience you can enjoy improved Net Promoter Score and conversion rates, and reduced customer churn.


Here's some of the perks you can enjoy with JRNY Conversation Tools, helping you deliver better, more efficient customer experiences.

For a full description, see our Product overview page.

No more waiting with instant responses
Highly personalised responses
Bespoke conversation design service
Image rich content to increase engagement
Option to speak with a human
Contactable 24/7, 365 days a year
Quotes, product comparison &  purchases all made within the chat
Interact through messaging channels frequently used by your customers
Communicate with businesses in natural conversational language

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