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Streamline the customer journey

Convert and on-board your customers using artificially intelligent conversation

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The Customer Journey Circle - JRNY.ai

Every customer is different.
You wouldn't expect your sales team to say the same thing to every customer, right? So why is your chatbot doing exactly that?


JRNY chatbot conversation on mobile
Build brand awareness
Onboard customers
Convert customers

JRNY Dashboard

Control AI conversation from this dashboard
Segment customers based on their answers and interests
Inform your future investments and marketing with detailed analytics


JRNY is a sales tool that seamlessly converts and on-boards your customers by using AI powered conversation that's tailored to each individual

Decrease Acquisition Costs

Decrease Customer 
Acquisition Cost

When designed correctly, a conversation engine can work like a sales agent 24/7, acquiring more customers and reducing the cost of acquisition by up to 30%.

Onboard More Customers

Onboard Customers

By deploying a conversation engine in your business, you could reduce the time it takes to onboard new customers by up to 90%.

Better Customer Experiences With JRNY.ai

A Better
Customer Experience

Combine the emotionally intelligent, personalised responses with the speed of the conversation engine and deliver better customer journeys.

Yes, this means improved Net Promoter Score!

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